An independent research laboratory specialized in aquatic animal health


Dedicated to Research and Development, based in France

Ictyopharma is a European-based Contract Research Organisation (CRO) specializing in aquatic animal health. The CRO has an aquatic research facility that offers consultancy and challenge studies for pharmaceutical, nutrition and breeding industries as well as for research institutions and government agencies.
Ictyopharma offers standardized challenge models for commercial warm-water food fish such as tilapia, catfish (Pangasius) and carp and performs clinical, safety and efficacy studies.
Ictyopharma is privately owned and fully independent, thereby ensuring full confidentiality.

Over 20 years international experience

The two founding members are veterinarians who have over 20 years of accumulated experience in the field of aquatic animal health (AAH). They have a strong background in both commercial and scientific aspects of product development for the pharmaceutical industry, and offer a high level of know-how to clients. The team has especially developed strong expertise in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region (market knowledge, disease epidemiology information, product development, registration procedures, etc.).
The team at Ictyopharma will be pleased to assist you and guide you through the development of your products.

Complete services dedicated to pharmaceutical, feed and breeding industry

Combining technical and regulatory experience, Ictyopharma provides a complete service offering for the pharmaceutical, nutrition and breeding industries including:

  • Consulting and expertise in business strategy, product development and market analysis
  • Audits and training
  • Contract research from proof of concept to regulatory studies
  • R&D; challenge model development and collaborative development projects
  • All associated regulatory services

Development of innovative technologies for fish health management from proof of concept to industrialization

Constant focus on compliance with current quality standards

Ictyopharma is in the process of obtaining GLP accreditation from the French health authorities.
Ictyopharma is also a trusted partner to the world's leading pharmaceutical and nutrition companies. Definitely customer-focused, Ictyopharma has the permanent objective to provide the most cost- and time-efficient solutions for you, in strict compliance with current quality standards.

Our assets

Our expertise and experience

  • Over 20 years of cumulate experience in fish health studies
  • Personnel experienced with GLP safety studies, multisite studies and GLP auditing
  • Highly qualified personnel including 2 veterinary doctors

A well-established network of professionals

  • A well-established and trusted network of qualified partners in the quality control and regulatory field of clinical trials
  • A European network of expertise.

We are

Specialized - Independent - Reliable