A strong experience in product development

Ictyopharma will assist you with product research and innovation via proof-of-concept and screening studies using experimental infection models. Studies can be conducted on target species.

Types of on-site experimental studies proposed :

On-site experimental studies Consulting and operational support
  • Local tolerance and target animal safety studies
  • Clinical pharmacology, animal models (bacterial infections) for dose determination and confirmation studies
  • Formulation testing
  • Dose-response testing
  • Palatability studies
  • Disease-resistance screening
  • Development strategy for veterinary medicinal products
  • Study design and optimisation
  • Writing of study protocols
  • Conducting the study
  • Statistical analyses, interpretation of results



  • Our facilities are specially designed to allow for infection studies in warm-water food fish
  • Large hosting capacity for small fish
  • In house bacterial strain library for experimental model and genotyping

Ictyopharma’s capabilities are adapted primarily to the housing of warm-water food fish, and benefit from dedicated technical facilities within our laboratories.

  • Tanks from 120 to 450 L
  • Set up in duplicate or multiple study lines
  • Over 70 tanks available
  • Temperature control up to 30°C; heating and cooling possible
  • Separate trial rooms

Our procedures are reviewed by an Ethics Committee and approved by the French Ministry of research prior to the start of the experimental work. Ictyopharma is also in the process of being accredited for the French government’s research tax scheme (CIR). In addition to studies, Ictyopharma provides regulatory consultancy: audit of dossiers, registration support, etc. See “Regulatory affairs” section.


Our commitment to quality

  • Studies can be performed in compliance with GLP (VICH/OECD)
  • Studies audited by an independent Quality Assurance partner
  • In the process of becoming a GPL accredited test site (ANSES)
  • Ethics Committee approval

We are

Specialized - Independent - Reliable