A state-of-the-art equipment

Ictyopharma is furnished with state-of-the-art equipment within 220 m² of laboratory facilities specialized in AAH. A backup generator in case of power failure secures the normal functioning of the entire laboratory.

Dry laboratories

Microbiological preparation laboratory :

A well-equipped microbiological preparation laboratory allows for A separate dissection room allows for
  • Isolation and identification of bacterial samples
  • Water quality analyses
  • Basic titre determination through micro-tube agglutination assays
  • Preparation of challenge materials
  • Establishment of growth curves
  • Determination of CFU
  • Blood collection, serum/plasma separation and storage
  • Strain storage at < -80°C
  • Sample storage at < -20°C
  • Health check prior to experimentation
  • Isolation and re-isolation of bacterial strains from diseased fish
  • Post-mortem analyses of experimental fish
  • Determination of local side reactions post vaccination
  • Parasitology diagnostics
  • Blood collection
  • Sample (organ, tissue) collection


Animal experimentation laboratories

The fish wet lab facilities consist of several separate rooms. Rooms are set up to be able to accommodate warm-water food fish species such as tilapia, pangasius and carp.

Rooms are equipped with recirculating holding tanks for optimal environmental control and have units from 120 to 450 liters. Tanks are equipped with both mechanical and biological filtration systems. In-line thermostats allow for temperature differentiation between tanks in the same room when desired.

Over 70 individual experimental units are available. Experimental trial design can be customized to accommodate research needs, including light regimes and temperature. Ictyopharma also offers long-term studies and full room rental upon request and availability. We also have room for physical expansion

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